A lot of people are very generous to our organisation and to our people. We are very grateful for that. Of course we don't want the situation that we get things double or that we waste things. That's why we have a wishlist and we try to update it every now and then. 

We are happy with most things we get. It would be great if what we get is from good quality for a long lasting life. Not only goods we need, we also need people who can fix our toilets, bathroom (builders)


Please see the wishlist below. If you have any question, please feel free to ask. 


 Department  Item  Quantity
Kitchen Non-Sticky Frying Pans 2
  Peelers 2
  Kitchen knives for meat 2
  Big wisk 2



Computers Windows with 7 ultimate + antivirus 4
Back up harddisk 1 TB     1
Server computer     1




Our details

The Haven Night Shelter Napier Street

NPO nr: 002-831
PBO nr: 18/11/13/2172  

Standard Bank
Cheque 071 061 118  

Branche: Thibauls Square 020909/024109

c/o Hans Strydom Long street, Cape Town